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There are a number of different ways your business can gain exposure on the 4 Jobs Online Network. Our goal is to work with businesses or individuals that can provide a quality, complementary service which will enhance our visitors experience.

1. Become a Partner:
Resell our products and services and earn money. How much will you earn? You decide. It depends on how much time and effort you wish to devote to helping us, as well as how successful you are personally in this business. If you are a good communicator, have access to the internet, a telephone, have experience in marketing / sales and recruitment please contact us. We can help you get started.

Interested? If so please send us an email telling us, in your own words, about yourself or your company. We will review what you send to determine whether you are the kind of person or company we feel we can work with. We will then contact you by email to update you of our decision.

2. Become a Featured Provider:
4 Jobs Online is looking to build relationships with large and small recruitment businesses across the world to provide the very best offering for our visitors. If there's a page or section on the 4 Jobs Online network that you'd like to see your business featured on please contact us and we can work out a specially tailored advertising package to suit your needs.

Alternatively if you have an affiliate program for products or services covered by 4 Jobs Online please let us know and we will consider providing exposure for your company on a cost per acquisition basis.

3. Text Link Advertising through Google Adwords:
Throughout the 4 Jobs Online Network you will see sponsored text link adverts. These are supplied through the Google Adsense programme which matches targeted adverts to the theme of the content on the page. This allows us to provide unobtrusive, highly relevant adverts across the thousands of pages of our network.

If you would like to advertise your web site in this way you need to sign-up to the Google Adwords advertising program and select that your ad's be shown on the Content Network. Click on the "Advertise on this site" link on the bottom right of the following advert.

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